Sunday, May 23, 2021

Beyond Boundaries (NL)

And then the last post for Francisca Henneman.

She is showing 3 different objects, all three in Leiden at Galerie Zone

the Sessilia serie: magna, viridi and circum

Francisca's passion is experimenting, developing and creating form through texture and structure. By working intuitively and directly with the material in her hands new objects emerge which give shape to her ideas.

The texture in the structure gradually grows into a 3D sculpture.

She uses the ancient textile crafts of crochet and knitting to connect a modern ‘alien’ material, contemporary industrial rubber, and this challenges her to create something new and original.

The original texture and structure becomes merged into one smoothly rolling motion in which the rhythmic repetition within the sculptural objects are reminiscent of growing organisms in a wonderful world.


Francisca's starting point is always to create a new visual form with recycled materials, using them in a different way to that for which they were intended. 

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