Sunday, February 28, 2021

Due to all the different rules and restrictions within the EU an update is neccessary. The Textile Festival in Leiden has been cancelled definitely: the organisation decided to go totally virtual but not in May, probably some time this Autumn. Dates are not set yet! We – both galleries and myself – want to continue however and stick to our plans within the set rules. What this means: Galerie Zone can only show the work during May. HighFiveArt will show in May till the end of August: Both Galleries will publish some images on their website to draw attention. Besides that the SDA will publish a virtual exhibition on their website. At this very moment both galleries are still closed for visitors, but as per Mid March new rules might be set. Hoping the world will open up thanks to all the vaccinating in progress. However we decided not to have big openings and gatherings – it does not feel safe to do so.