Wednesday, June 2, 2021

Beyond Boundaries (Publications)

I had an interview with TxP, our national textile magazine.

Below you will find the article  - sorry, but it is in Dutch.

Sunday, May 23, 2021

Beyond Boundaries (NL)

And then the last post for Francisca Henneman.

She is showing 3 different objects, all three in Leiden at Galerie Zone

the Sessilia serie: magna, viridi and circum

Francisca's passion is experimenting, developing and creating form through texture and structure. By working intuitively and directly with the material in her hands new objects emerge which give shape to her ideas.

The texture in the structure gradually grows into a 3D sculpture.

She uses the ancient textile crafts of crochet and knitting to connect a modern ‘alien’ material, contemporary industrial rubber, and this challenges her to create something new and original.

The original texture and structure becomes merged into one smoothly rolling motion in which the rhythmic repetition within the sculptural objects are reminiscent of growing organisms in a wonderful world.


Francisca's starting point is always to create a new visual form with recycled materials, using them in a different way to that for which they were intended. 

Beyond Boundaries (Switzerland)

Mascha Mioni has work at both galleries, Leiden and Baarle Nassau

San Augustin


Mascha Mioni



Felt, silk, gold embroidered


My spiritual guide, Louise Bourgeois, writes in The Fabric Works“:

I do not know the why


I do not need to know the why

to do my work

or do I owe the why to anybody - anybody

This work can be seen in Baarle Nassau

And the following two objects can be seen in Leiden

Kiss Keep it Simple and Straight forward

Macha Mioni


old clothes wrapped with sari silk waste, cut in strips and sewn

Kundalini Snake

Mascha Mioni


old clothes wrapped with sari silk waste, cut in strips, wooden branch

Beyond Boundaries (NL)

Marloes van Rees

showing in Leiden only at Galerie Zone

Freedom of speech in need of boundaries?

sizes 48 x 48 cm

shibori, patchwork, batik, quilting

batist cotton, cotton, reactive dyes

Beyond Boundaries (UK)

Katie Taylor:
Her work can be seen in Leiden, at Galerie Zone.

We leave a trace

Katie Taylor

Great Britain

Dimensions: 20” x 20”

Used technique:
Lace ink painting

Used materials:
Chinese ink and red fibretip on Watercolour paper

for more information 

Beyond Boundaries (Denmark)

Kissa Tindal:

her work is represented in Leiden at Galerie Zone


 Kissa Tindal


 Batik, collage burned out or cut

 Cotton batist


For the last 20 years, my main ambition has been to make tapestries. Working with a large image area allows me to apply many layers of meaning with different techniques such as dyeing, wax batik, printing, edge firing and collage. Together I call it surface design”.

Beyond Boundaries (France)

Elinor Sigler, 

showing her work in Baarle Nassau at High Five Art.

Joubarbe (Houseleek)


Elinor Sigler



Free motion quilting

Cotton, stamped, screen-printed, dyed,


The Queyras Regional Nature Park in the French southern Alps presents a treasure trove of flora and fauna.
In the
90s I took numerous photographs of wild flowers there, and I am now working on a series of Alpine Flowers, incorporating these into my quilts.

The photos have been scanned, digitally altered, and then printed on fabric by an internet design and printing site. Joubarbe and Edelweiss are the fourth and fifth in the series.

The fabrics I use in my quilts are almost always hand-dyed, hand-painted or printed with my photos; my quilts are usually drawn from images of organic materials.

Embellishing using thermofax screens made specifically for the quilt is a new technique for me, but I plan to incorporate it into my future work.