Sunday, May 16, 2021


 This Sunday I am showing the work of Eszter Bornemisza, Hungary.

This piece can be seen in Baarle Nassau.
Text courtesy Helda Klouth 



   Eszter Bornemisza



   Machine quilted, machine stitched

   Cotton, overprinted, dyed newspaper



I am a fiber artist living in Budapest, Hungary,

working with recycled paper, textiles and other

found soft materials. The basic process of creation is

machine-stitching, with additional elements of

printing dyeing and painting.

After having made art quilts for more than ten years,

my interest has turned to creating transparent wall-hangings,

objects and installations using ripped, overprinted newspaper.


In my recent lacy, transparent works capturing the play of

opaque and open elements plays an important role:

the shadow behind the work adds another layer of complexity.

detail of Synergies

art work to be seen in Leiden at 

Alterations XII

City and Moon III

Saturday, May 15, 2021


Today I am showing artwork from Beverly Ayling-Smith 
Text courtesy Helda Klouth



Beverly Ayling Smith

Great Britain



Cotton, silk thread  

Beverly’s work focuses on the emotional dimensions in the words loss, absence and grief.

In this work ‘Migration’ she has used torn pieces of bed-sheet and clusters of stitch to suggest movement between emotional states and the negotiation of barriers, highlighting the difficulties encountered after bereavement. 

More information regarding this artist can be found on

Friday, May 14, 2021


As from today I am going to introduce and show the selected artworks in separate blog posts.
Nothing beats to see the work in person, so we encourage you to come and visit if possible.

All texts are courtesy of Helda Klouth (High Five Art) 

I start with Paulien van Asperen

Accidental skylines

Paulien van Asperen

The Netherlands

Double weave on six blocks of five shafts 
Linen, wool

Weaving gives me the opportunity to transform ideas, visual elements from the world around me and inspiration from art into actual woven fabric. Weaving, in my opinion, includes designing, converting the designs into technical weaving patterns and choosing the materials, textures and colours to achieve the effect that I want.

What really fascinates me are repetitive abstract elements that create movement and depth or even be optically misleading to the eye. To arrange these elements in colour and texture and shifting but repetitive patterns I find very exciting.

more information regarding Paulien can be found here 

Tuesday, May 11, 2021

Binnengekomen nieuws mbt Beyond Boundaries

In Leiden is de tentoonstelling BEYOND BOUNDARIES bij Galerie Zone op 2 Mei geopend.
De krant, het Leidsch Dagblad schreef er een artikel over maar helaas kan ik dit niet delen.

check zelf even de krant bij het regio nieuws ...

Leiden - Leidsch Dagblad

Verder een vermelding van Mascha Mioni en haar blog.
Mascha is een van de deelnemende textielkunstenaars.
Haar grote werk is te zien in Baarle Nassau, en haar 2 objecten in Leiden.

Check de volgende links

Voor alle deelnemende kunstenaars:
heb je een blog en geschreven over deze tentoonstelling?

laat het me weten - stuur me een link !


De tentoonstelling bij Galerie Zone in Leiden loopt tm 30 Mei en kan bezocht worden zonder een afspraak te maken. Die bij High Five Art (Baarle Nassau) loopt tm 22 Augustus en kan op dit moment alleen op afspraak worden bezocht. Wil je meer weten check dan de resp. websites van de galeries
De tentoonstelling is ook virtueel te bezoeken via de website van de SDA, -
hier vind je de 30 kunstenaars met elk 1 werk vertegenwoordigd.
Op 26 Mei is er een Textile Talk, ofwel webinar genaamd 'Textile Voices from Europe'.
Deelname is gratis.
(wel je eigen naam en gegevens invullen)  
Voor meer info ga naar


Finally, on May 2, our exhibitions opened at Galerie Zone in Leiden and at High Five Art in Baarle Nassau.

Sunday, February 28, 2021

Due to all the different rules and restrictions within the EU an update is neccessary. The Textile Festival in Leiden has been cancelled definitely: the organisation decided to go totally virtual but not in May, probably some time this Autumn. Dates are not set yet! We – both galleries and myself – want to continue however and stick to our plans within the set rules. What this means: Galerie Zone can only show the work during May. HighFiveArt will show in May till the end of August: Both Galleries will publish some images on their website to draw attention. Besides that the SDA will publish a virtual exhibition on their website. At this very moment both galleries are still closed for visitors, but as per Mid March new rules might be set. Hoping the world will open up thanks to all the vaccinating in progress. However we decided not to have big openings and gatherings – it does not feel safe to do so.