Friday, November 27, 2020

A brief note if you want to check the latest Festival info in English

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(1) Visitors to Textielfestival 2021 | Facebook

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Greetings, Karina

It looks as if time has stopped while facing COVID 19..
I realise I haven't been posting since March 25 so now I want to try and start blogging again to keep you updated. 

The Textiel Festival Organisation has announced yesterday that the actual Festival will not take place in May 2021 as planned, but in a different format: no large gatherings in the Church so e.g. no suppliers market this time. Instead they go digital and there will be online presentations etc. Of course the exhibitions can be visited in person by appointment.

there will be an update as soon as more info comes available.

until then...stay safe - be well.

Karina - your SDA EU Rep.