Friday, November 27, 2020

A brief note if you want to check the latest Festival info in English

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Greetings, Karina

It looks as if time has stopped while facing COVID 19..
I realise I haven't been posting since March 25 so now I want to try and start blogging again to keep you updated. 

The Textiel Festival Organisation has announced yesterday that the actual Festival will not take place in May 2021 as planned, but in a different format: no large gatherings in the Church so e.g. no suppliers market this time. Instead they go digital and there will be online presentations etc. Of course the exhibitions can be visited in person by appointment.

there will be an update as soon as more info comes available.

until then...stay safe - be well.

Karina - your SDA EU Rep.

Wednesday, March 25, 2020

The textiel Festival has been cancelled this year and postponed till May 2021.
This means also that our 2 exhibitions will be moved.
More details to follow..

Wednesday, March 18, 2020

Dear fellow members
and participants of our upcoming exhibitions BEYOND BOUNDARIES.


Many of you will follow the news around the Corona Virus Outbreak 
and might be wondering what this will do with our upcoming exhibitions.
At this moment – though the situation is chaotic and uncertain everywhere – 
the Textiel festival itself will not cancel their activities. 
Having said this we also want to stick to our plans. 

Currently we are following protocol as given by our national health institute. 
The Netherlands are not in a total lockdown, the parameters are set until April 7. 
The situation will then be revised if necessary.
Depending on the outcome, we will decide and  contact you again on April 7 
to confirm, change or cancel if appropriate. 

For now, pls stay well, be safe and take good care of yourselves and each other

Wednesday, January 29, 2020

Latest news regarding the 2 exhibitions
Updated as per 12/8 2020

The selection has been made per 1/12 and
these are the 33 European members who will participate and show work
spread over 2 galleries:

Anne Mie Boonen (Be)
Anneke Herrold (NL)
Beatriz Schaaf-Giesser (BRD)
Beverly Ayling-Smith (UK)
Cherilyn Martin (NL)
Elinor Siegler (Fr)
Eszter Bornemisza (Hungary)
Fenella Davies (UK)
Flox den Hartog (NL)
Francisca Henneman (NL)
Hannie van Weel (NL)
Helda Klouth (NL)
Imelda Connolly (Ireland)
Jette Clover (Be)
Julieta Gimpel (UK)
Katie Taylor (UK)
Kissa Tindal (Denmark)
Lia Flemings (Be)
Marloes van Rees (NL)
Mascha Mioni (Switzerland)
Mel Bradley (Ireland)
Michele Landel (Fr)
Mirjam Pet (NL)
Monika Haeussler (BRD)
Monika Sebert (BRD)
Paulien van Asperen (NL)
Raija Jokinen (Finland)
Rita Trefois (Be)
Solange Jungers (Fr)
Stewart Kelly (UK)
Willy Doreleijers (NL)
Yael David Cohen (UK)

Tuesday, January 21, 2020

Good News...
So happy to be able to announce that the President of the Surface Design Association will come to the Netherlands and will open the Exhibition in Leiden. The opening will be at Galerie Zone on Wednesday, May 13 at 6 pm.

Also, Astrid will attend the Meet & Greet at my studio in Tilburg, planned for Saturday May 16.
hour to be set at a later moment.

We are setting up a program right now because Astrid offered to give 2 Presentations,
one about the SDA itself, called
A Snapshot of the Surface Design Association
and another one related to her own work
"Astrid Hilger Bennett: A Life in Textiles" 
Of course we hope members will join us and present themselves, too.
In the afternoon we will go to Galerie High Five Art in Baarle Nassau where we will visit the other Beyond Boundaries exhibition. So more details to follow.