Monday, July 11, 2011

Background information regarding the ECOVISION fiber study tour

Unfortunately the website of the lace factory is in Dutch.
That is why I am posting their Press Release / information in English
I hope this encourages members to sign up for this special tour.
The visit takes place in the afternoon (Thursday October 20) after the visit to VLISCO.

From Lace Mill to “Museum the Lace Mill”
The last operating lace mill in the north west of Europe is currently being converted to “Museum the Lace Mill”. From June 2009 you will be transported back to the last century’s textile industry.

Rattling machines in a monumental mill create a 1930s atmosphere. Of course there are also attractive exhibitions and inspiring activities like workshops, courses and public lectures for young and old.

Through the website you are kept up to date.

Operating lace-making machines in a monumental mill.
Until recently the almost antique lace-making machines were used in the daily production of lace from thousands of the finest threads. A nuber of these machines have been preserved and can be seen working. They provide a special experience. 

The history of textile manufactore and the origins of textile industry.
“Museum the Lace Mill” shows how textile manufacture once was the basis of the economy in the North Limburg region. Farmers grew flax to weave their own linen fabric. Nowhere else in the Netherlands were there so many home looms. Out of this a knowledge area for textile manufacture and textile industry grew whose traces we can see today.

A unique collection of old and modern textile art and manufacture.
Where textile manufacture developed the most beautiful examples of textile art and manufacture appeared. “Museum the Lace Mill” has a special collection of old and modern objects that can be seen in permanent and temporary exhibitions. Hearing, seeing, reading and doing alternate to make a visit to “Museum the Lace Mill” a fascinating experience.

Group arrangements.
Groups are more than welcome in “Museum the Lace Mill”. They receive a personal welcome and different arrangements for their visit are possible. There are guided tours for example, and in the Lace CafĂ© visitors can have a nice cup of coffee or a copious lunch. Furthermore, groups can use special rooms for their own programs, lectures or workshops.

Wednesday, July 6, 2011


SDA European Meeting
Planned for October 18-28th, 2011, in Tilburg, Netherlands

ECOVISION, the second meeting for the European membership of the Surface Design Association, will be presented by Karina van Vught (SDA EU representative) at Zijdelings (van Vught’s textile design studio) and the AUDAX Textile Museum in Tilburg, Netherlands on the following dates.
Pre-Conference Workshops (2): Tuesday, Oct. 18 – Thursday, Oct. 20.
Fiber Study Tour: Thursday October 20.
Conference: Friday, Oct. 21 and Saturday, Oct. 22, 2011.
Design Academy Graduation Show
& Dutch Design Week: Sunday October 23.
Post-Conference Workshops (5): Monday Oct. 24 – Friday Oct. 28.
The conference and accompanying events will provide a setting for textile artists, teachers and practitioners to meet in an informal way, and to share information under the umbrella of the Surface Design Association*.

The theme is Ecovision, inspired by an issue of the Surface Design Journal, similarly titled.
The first day of the conference will be filled with inspiring lectures, including
Rosalie van Deursen - African Art ‘Cloth, Clothing and Identity',
Nan Groot Antink - Dyeing and Painting with Natural Colors,
Linda Hanssen
- Okinawan Textiles from Local Natural Materials and Dyes,
Ana Lisa Hedstrom
- Folding, Unfolding,
Leentje van Hengel/Tinctoria - Colour Discharge Printing
with Natural Dye-extracts and their Light fastness,
Anco Sneep - Rubia Natural Colours,
Frieda Sorber
- Textile Printing, Old Techniques Revisited,
and the Audax Textile Museum
lecture followed by exhibition visit and buffet dinner. 

The second conference day will feature a trunk show and demonstrations by members including Magie Relph (UK) - African Blue - a Hands-on Talk,
Eszter Bornemisza (Hungary) - 'Thread Traps' - a Recycling Technique,
Olga Prins (NL) - Upcycling Synthetic Fabrics:
Cutting and Drawing with a Soldering Iron,
Emily Halvorsen (Norway) - Screen printing with Natural Dyes,
and Cherilyn Martin (NL-UK) - Encaustic Monotypes.

See website for more information on two pre-conference workshops, Fiber Study Tour, visit to Design Academy Graduation Show & Dutch Design Week, and five post-conference workshops.

Start of an european SDA weblog

While at the SDA conference in Minneapolis (USA) it was suggested to me to start an european blog for the Surface Design Members in Europe. So here it is: hopefully this weblog will contribute to a better networking between existing members but also gain new members for the organisation.