Monday, September 19, 2011

Changes around Ecovision

Unfortunately Ana Lisa Hedstrom will not be crossing the ocean to come and teach 2 workshops as announced. Registration for both her workshops was so low that we agreed to cancel them.

This means however that she can not lecture on the first conference day. The cost of a ticket from LA to AMS is too high a burden on the actual conference budget. I do hope everybody will understand that.

We still need some 10 persons to sign up and let it work. Hopefully we will succeed.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Deadline Ecovision

The date of the conference is approaching fast. There comes a moment that we have to decide to continue or to cancel. Deadline is now set on September 30, since the museum cannot extend the option any longer. I do hope I will get more people to sign up: we need 30 people to let it work.
That is the minimum. A solution might be found in having the conference in my own studio instead of the auditorium of the museum (in case I get a few less). But I keep my fingers crossed that this will not be necessary..

Please, spread the word, it is in our mutual interest that the conference will take place. It is about networking and sharing ideas, meet and greet so to speak, the lectures are a bonus and all very interesting, the ambiance inspiring, and there will be a great exhibition around that time in the museum, called i-FABRIC.

i-FABRIC is about young design talent in pls come and enjoy. Have a look at the website of the Textile Museum for more information .
Kate Goldsworthy - who will be teaching a 3-day class called Upcycling Textiles with Laser Technology shortly after the conference - will be one of the speakers at the opening of i-FABRIC: her students work will be included in the show.

There are still places available so you can join us for this wonderful high tech workshop. We are going to cut, etch and melt polyester fabrics or non wovens using the laser equipment at the Textile Lab. Students will learn how to prepare files and use the laser for future projects. Have a look at Kate's website to see her own work and get an impression of the workshop we had earlier this year
students working in the
classroom of the museum

work Kate Goldsworthy