Monday, August 1, 2011

Encaustic & Fibre art

Last weekend we had a wonderful workshop with Cherilyn Martin, all about working with Encaustic Wax Medium, Paper and Fabric. Since Cherilyn will teach a similar 2-day class as a pre conference workshop I want to give you a sneak preview of the work that has been made by her.
As you may know, encaustic is an old technique, already used in Egypt and Greece in ancient times.
The wax preserves the colours and drawings beautifully. Nowadays there is a revival, especially in America where a lot of mixed media artists are using encaustic wax in their work. Examples are Daniella Woolf (she came and taught a class at my studio in april last year), Cari Hernandez, Paula Roland and Patricia Baldwin. Recentely several books and dvd's are published about working with wax (and for sale in my studio). But here are some nice pictures to inspire you.
I hope you will consider to join us in October for this exciting workshop.
For more information about this workshop pls check my website

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